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After listening to the Snowden interviews on how the NSA does not limit its data collection to just national security issues, a good friend of mine, Lou Franco (Programmer of D-Vasive) spoke with me about developing an Android application that notifies you when any 3rd party malicious applications are running on your phone, that try to open the phone’s Camera or Microphone.  This was around the time when I was being laid off as a developer for a marketing firm in Boca Raton, Florida, so it was perfect timing for me to go ALL IN on D-Vasive.

That is when I thought of expanding the notifications to include the Bluetooth and WiFi.

And not only notifications, but actually allowing the user to lock each device (Camera, Mic, Bluetooth, WiFi) individually, or all simultaneously.
The User Interface that would reflect security, hence the combo lock.
New user interface in the latest version to increase usability.
Idea to have a free version with limited functionality to increase overall userbase.
P.C. Version to increase platform availability.


10/14/14 Voicemail left on my cell phone after my initial contact with McAfee’s Twitter account:

McAfee Twitter & Facebook Links:


D-Vasive on Future Tense Central
D-Vasive on John McAfee


D-Vasive has been covered by numerous news outlets and featured in the following stories:

Click The Image Links:







The End For D-Vasive
Multiple Events Unfold To End D-Vasive

After the Intel / McAfee battle, D-Vasive was methodically pushed aside from gaining further exposure to the masses. D-Vasive proved to be far too powerful of a tool, that ensured privacy for its users. The powers that be would not allow for this.  And now, the new Android Operating System (Pie) has implemented limitations and is pulling the plug on background running processes.  D-Vasive is a background running process.

After 5 years (9 Android Generations, 2.3 – 8.0) D-Vasive will no longer be able to function.
D-Vasive Anti-Spy – Apps on Google Play

In no way, shape or form did John McAfee have a hand, or thought with the entire development of D-Vasive. John McAfee was only a face to market D-Vasive (That of which he did a horrible job).  John McAfee is merely a conman.  Nothing more, nothing less…  If I would have known all of this beforehand, I would have never have signed him onto D-Vasive,  and that is my fault. 

The article links above were focused on the D-Vasive acquisition and not the functionality of the app.  The D-Vasive demographics that we needed to target were security conscious individuals, not stock traders and players in the NYSE. 

If proper marketing would have been deployed within the scope of our demographics, then D-Vasive would have been a monetary success as well!

In the end, I honestly feel that the D-Vasive / MGT Capital Investment acquisition was used (without my knowledge) as a tool in a pump & dump scheme that was orchestrated by Barry Honig and Robert Ladd

That of which they tried to lure Kim Dotcom in on, which I watched unfold via the internet just after the MGT / D-Vasive / Demonsaw summit.

More on Pump and Dump Scam: Article Link

SEC LINK to Purchase Agreement Between MGT Capital Investments and D-Vasive Inc.

I remember my last words to Robert Ladd, as I was shaking his hand while walking him to his airport shuttle in Atlanta during the MGT / D-Vasive / Demonsaw summit.
I said, thank you Mr. Ladd for giving us the opportunity to get our product out to the people.  With a snicker, his reply which always struck me as odd was, “No, thank you!  You guys made us millions!”