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After listening to the Snowden interviews on how the NSA does not limit its data collection to just national security issues, we decided to develop an Android application that notifies you when any 3rd party malicious applications are running on your phone that try to open the phone’s Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth and WiFi. Also allows the user to lock down those devices.

Starting working on this application from conception to production.

  • Created Logo and Branding using the Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, Photoshop.
  • Developed the original website using WordPress.
  • Designed both User Interfaces using Photoshop and Eclipse IDE
  • Developed Information Architecture / Process
  • Responsible for all Social Integration and Maintenance
  • Responsible for all marketing with 0 budget
  • Responsible for signing John McAfee as 30% shareholder in D-Vasive Inc.
  • Created Tutorial Walk thru videos as well as Promotional Videos
  • Conducted live radio interviews about D-Vasive and what makes it unique from other security software.

D-Vasive has been covered by numerous news outlets and featured in the following stories:

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After the Intel / McAfee battle, D-Vasive was methodically pushed aside from gaining further exposure to the masses. D-Vasive proved to be far too powerful of a tool that ensured privacy for its users. The powers that be would not allow for this.  And now, the new Android Operating System (Pie) has implemented limitations and is pulling the plug on background running processes.  D-Vasive is a background running process.

After 5 years (9 Android Generations, 2.3 – 8.0) D-Vasive will no longer be able to function.
D-Vasive Anti-Spy – Apps on Google Play